Simon Hedberg – Umeå

Going meta

After realising that I far too often don’t make proper decisions and instead mix decision making with implementation details I wanted to take action. I wanted to give myself a tool to help me in the process of decision making and to keep track of the project specifications.

Like all progress starts with a question I wanted to use a series of questions when defining a project and storing the anwers for documentation and decision making. It seemed sensible (well at least to some extent) to also take this opportunity to test the documentation model on this project (of building a tool implementing the documention model).

So I started writing down some questions that seemed sensible to me when defining a project. I also wrote down the answers for this tool building project and soon enough I felt that I could start prototyping the first part of the app.

Using the Twitter bootstrap framework I quickly could setup a page and series of forms matching my questions.